Porcupine Tree - The Incident

(CD 2009, 55:13 / 20:34, Roadrunner Records)

The tracks:
CD1: The Incident
  1- Occam's Razor(01:55)
  2- The Blind House(05:48)
  3- Great Expectations(01:27)
  4- Kneel and Disconnect(02:03)
  5- Drawing the Line(04:43)
  6- The Incident(05:20)
  7- Your Unpleasant Family(01:48)
  8- The Yellow Windows of the Evening Train(02:00)
  9- Time Flies(11:40)
10- Degree Zero of Liberty(01:46)
11- Octane Twisted(05:03)
12- The Seance(02:39)
13- Circle of Manias(02:19)
14- I Drive the Hearse(06:42)

  1- Flicker(20:38)
  2- Bonnie the Cat(05:46)
  3- Black Dahlia(03:41)
  4- Remember Me Lover(07:29)

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I considered Porcupine Treeís previous album Fear Of A Blank Planet to be the best prog rock album of the year 2007. The Incident probably will become this yearís favourite album. Steve Wilsonís solo album Insurgentes was slightly disappointing, but this one is a true prog rock masterpiece! The first CD of this double album only contains The Incident, a composition that lasts over 55 minutes. This sheer amazing track, divided into fourteen parts, range from short guitar pieces to long dramatic prog rock songs, making this epic the best PT-song ever. The highlights of this magical and rather melancholic epic are Time Flies, The Blind House and Drive The Hearse. Especially Time Flies is pure magic, featuring an amazing long and howling guitar solo, crystal clear vocals and a Pink Floydian guitar melody from the Animals-era.

The second CD features four new songs that show the more experimental side of Steve Wilson. These songs sometimes reminded me of his first solo album. Black Dahlia and Flicker are rather melancholic, dreamy, psychedelic songs, while the brilliant Bonnie The Cat has a Nine Inch Nail feeling. The final track Remember Me Lover starts with a No-Man- like melody gradually developing into a real PT-song with good melodies and heavy riffs. The Incident is a great album that every prog rock fan should have. For me, itís almost a perfect album with great variety and magical moments. Time Flies certainly will become my absolute favourite PT-track ever!

***** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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