Professor Tip Top - Aoum

(CD 2012, 50:03 NOZEI12CD010)

The tracks:
  1- Aoum(3:10)
  2- Living In The Past Is My Future(4:13)
  3- Am I Straight ?(3:18)
  4- Alien Ball Games(3:00)
  5- Amor Ecclessia(5:39)
  6- Are You Still Empirical?(4:07)
  7- The Owl(3:48)
  8- Castle In The Sky(3:50)
  9- Mistaken Identity(4:26)
10- Reflections(4:14)
11- Wrong Way(5:35)
12- All Through The Night(4:36)


Aoum is the second album recorded by Professor Tip Top after their debut Are You Empirical? (2011, see review). It's a project from two veterans of the Norwegian underground scene: Svein Magnar Hansen (vocals) and Sam Fossbakk (guitars, synths, Hammond organ). The opening title track reminds me of The Use Of Ashes: a Mellotron, cold vocals and a very melancholic sound. The closing track All Through The Night is a prog rock song with female guest vocals and a guitar solo. The ten songs in between vary from folk, jazz-rock to sixties pop. The duo uses authentic vintage instruments like the EMS synthesizer, the MiniMoog, the Hammond organ and the Mellotron. Aoum contains many different styles of music and as a result it lacks a flow. The songs in itself are good, but not outstanding; Hansen's voice sounds flat and uninspired. In general this album will disappear in the archives after a few listens and soon it will be forgotten.

** Erik Gibbels (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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