Profusion - RewoToweR

(CD 2012, 55:09. Progrock Records PRR565)

The tracks:
  1- Ghost House
  2- Taste Of Colours, Part 1
  3- Taste Of Colours, Part 2
  4- Treasure Island
  5- So Close But Alone
  6- Tkeshi
  7- Chuta Chani
  8- The Tower, Part 1
  9- The Tower, Part 2
10- Turned To Gold
11- Dedalus Falling

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In general many people think that all prog metal bands sound alike. Well, they're partly right I think, because most of them try to sound like Dream Theater, Kamelot or Symphony X. Sure, it's difficult to think of original ideas in this genre. However, once in a while a collective emerge that make the difference like the Italian formation Profusion, which is a contraction of 'progressive' and 'fusion'. The band were established in 2002 and in 2006 they presented their debut album One Piece Puzzle. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with that one. Their second album RewoToweR- which by the way is a palindrome - has been released recently. During the intermediate six years several line-up changes took place. 

The new album was recorded by Luca Latini (lead and backing vocals), Thomas Laguzzi (guitars), Luca Cambi (bass), Vladimer Sichinava (drums) and Gionatan Caradonna (keyboards). According to the press information RewoToweR is a very special release 'a spiral of genres, tones and rhythms, melted and tangled together, building an original message that deals with the musical flexibility and research of Profusion. RewoToweR has been conceived as a path that guides the listener into a tower. Each song reveals a new plan, a new step that allows you to reach the top. There are many languages ​​that lead the climb: rock, metal, fusion, pop and acoustic-tango. Each floor has a different dimension from the previous, but never isolated. Just as you can look at the title letters in opposite directions, the tower is both an ascent and a descent until it gets to be a maze. The RewoToweR building is not like the tower of Babel with different languages, but the attempt to speak, through experimentation, a new and modern language.'

While listening I found out that this description indeed covers the music. On RewoToweR Profusion certainly don't deliver common prog metal. The album offers energetic music taken from various musical styles and influences. Besides metal and progressive rock they included Georgian folk, jazz, orchestrations, Latin rhythms and even some soul influences. Their new vocalist Luca Latini lifts the band to a high level, because he doesn't sing like most metal singers. With many bands in the same genre, I miss this wide emotional range of expression. The fact that Latini has a different musical background compared with most metal singers certainly helped to get a sound of his own. Sometimes he sounds very ethnic with eastern-like vocal manipulations; at other times he sings in the best neo-progressive rock tradition or like any other prog metal vocalist. However, it's true that he would be less good if he hadn't such skilled fellow-musicians. Therefore they also deserve credits for this album.

All musicians did their utmost which resulted in eleven strong compositions. Most of these songs are catchy with fine riffs and the many outstanding solos on the electric guitars and synthesizers make sure that the listener has enough to enjoy. I won't go in detail about all the individual tracks, but some of them need some extra attention like Treasure Island, a catchy prog metal tune based on an old pirate song. Drummer Vladimer Sichinava sings the 'pirate' part in style and provides the song with a special sound. This also applies to So Close But Alone. This nice ballad includes strong Latin rhythms and a short acoustic guitar solo in the same style. Tkeshi and Chuta Chani have to be mentioned as well, because these two pieces are adaptations of Georgian folk themes. The blend of classical music and prog metal works very well on these tracks.

RewoToweR is an excellent album full of virtuosity! The album really is a pleasure to listen to. Therefore it's highly recommended to people who like prog metal with a lot of variety.

**** Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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