Prophecy - Illusion Of Time

(CD 2010, 79:57, Musea Records MP 3206)

The tracks:
  1- Lost in time(1:47)
  2- On the edge(8:37)
  3- Flashback(2:39)
  4- Apocalypse(6:00)
  5- Just to be(4:19)
  6- The will of fight(7:56)
  7- Keys of destiny(5:49)
  8- Ultimate shock(3:40)
  9- Leave me be(4:38)
10- Believe me(5:43)
11- End of a dream(1:05)
12- Illusion of time(14:31)
13- Prophecy(11:24)
14- Remember tomorrow(1:43)

Musea Records

Prophecy is a French progressive rock band having their musical roots in the late eighties and early nineties. Illusion Of Time is their debut album containing fourteen songs. I would describe this album as a decent, but rather old-fashioned prog rock album. These guys have really listened very carefully to Dream Theater. Especially in songs like On The Edge, Apocalypse or Ultimate Shock youíll undoubtedly hear DT-influences. However, itís not the DT of 2010 you hear, but I would rather say that these French guys love When Day And Dream Unite (1989), the debut album of Dream Theater as they use a lot of musical characteristics from that particular album. Vocalist Frederic Biard is at his best in the up-tempo tracks, because in ballads like Keys Of Destiny or Believe Me, his nasal voice tends to get on my bloody nerves! Please, excuse my French...

The best songs on this album are On The Edge, the instrumental piece Flashback and Apocalypse. The other songs Ė apart from the two aforementioned boring ballads Ė arenít bad, but they sound a bit too much alike after a couple of listenings. However, these guys are still young so you never know what the future holds in store for them.

**+ Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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