Prowlers - Mondi Nuovi

(CD 2014,58:27, Agla records 07)

The tracks:
  1- Mondi Nuovi
  2- Viva Ancora
  3- Guardando Dentro Te
  4- La Danza Di Madre Natura
  5- Melaquadro
  6- Giovane Falco
  7- Capriccio In A
  8- Ultima Notte
  9- Disordinaria
10- Soldato Stanco

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The current line-up of the Italian band Prowlers is Laura Mombrini (lead- and backing vocals), Roberto'Bobo' Alfio (Fender Jazz- and fretless bass, double bass) Alfio Costa, (Hammond organ, Mellotron, piano, Mini Moog, synthesizers, Fender Rhodes, samples and backing vocals), Stefano Piazzi (Fender Stratocaster and Gibson Les Paul guitars, acoustic guitars, backing vocals) Giovanni'Giana' Vezzoli (drums, percussion and backing vocals).

Their sixth album carries the title Mondi Nuovi. It's an album of melodies, songs and feelings about friendship and sharing...of music and of life. First song Mondi Nuovi, has a typical Mediterranean atmosphere. A prog song without any haste or hurry; slow and a little bit soporific. Next song Viva Ancora, is the weakest song on this album unfortunately. Far too many repetitions, and the strange Uriah Heep organ is totally misplaced. A little bit more adventurous, although very poppy, is Guardando Dentro Te. The acoustic guitar and the violin are fighting a nice duel at the end. It took a while before La Danza Di Madre Natura caught my attention. In the middle and the end, there are some fine solos from Alfio on his Hammond and Mini Moog that save the song. The vocal performance by Laura is nothing special. She sings all the songs in the same way, without much variation. Furthermore, in the short acoustic song Melaquadro,  the only interesting instrument is the guitar of Stefano. Giovane Falco holds two surprises: a short electric guitar solo, and a chanting Indian singing at the end. Ultima Notte is the first song which rocks a little bit, but soon the nagging voice of Laura ruins this progression. There is nothing special to mention about the last two songs either; mere repetitions of the afore mentioned elements.

** Cor Smeets (edited by Esther Ladiges)

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