Red Sand -
The Sound Of The Seventh Bell

(CD 2021, 64:27, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- The Sound Of The Seventh Bell, Part 1(5:44)
  2- Reichenbach(4:02)
  3- Insatiable(14:32)
  4- Breathing(4:23)
  5- The Sound Of The Seventh Bell, Part 2(7:56)
  6- Cracked Road(21:05)
  7- The Sound Of The Seventh Bell, Part 3(2:25)
  8- I Can Feel It (bonustrack)(4:20)

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This is studio-album # 10 by the Canadian trio Red Sand since their debut Mirror Of Insanity from 2004, multi-instrumentalist Simon Caron and drummer Perry Angelillo are members from the beginning, singer Steff Dorval joined Red Sand for the second effort Gentry, from 2005.
About the previous CD entitled Crush The Seed (2020, see review) I wrote: “On this new effort I notice that Red Sand still make simply structured prog with the focus on colouring the music with wonderful work on guitar and keyboards. Singer Steff Dorval has a distinctive voice, very intense and with a strong melancholy undertone.”

Well, again Red Sand will not disappoint the many fans around the world with this new album. Lots of intense mellow climates, very melodic and harmonic, embellished with sensitive guitar work (between Steve Rothery and David Gilmour), pleasant, often melancholy vocals and a tasteful keyboard sound.

My highlights.

The Sound Of The Seventh Bell, Part 1 (5:44) starts with dreamy vocals and acoustic guitars, in a folky climate. Then a slow rhythm featuring a powerful bass, followed by a moving and fiery guitar solo, finally majestic Mellotron choirs and bell sounds.

The Sound Of The Seventh Bell, Part 2 (7:56) delivers tender piano play and howling electric guitar, then an accellaration with a tight beat and synthesizer flights, soon Mellotron choirs join in a Cinema Show (Genesis)-like rhythm, in the second part lots of howling guitar soli, a Red Sand trademark.

Cracked Road (21:05) is the longest composition, the dreamy climate with a spacey synthesizer solo and then sensitive Gilmourian guitar runs strongly evokes Shine On... by Pink Floyd. Halfway a surprising break with propulsive drum beats and moving guitar, and finally a bombastic atmosphere with howling guitar and emotional vocals.

The bonus track I Can Feel It (4:20) contains a dreamy climate with a slow rhythm, beautiful soaring Hammond organ and warm vocals, finally sensitive electric guitar solo, simply wonderful.

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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