Resistor - The 5th Season

(CD 2021, 44:55, Independent Release)

The tracks:
  1- Winter(13:03)
  2- Saint Iris(5:29)
  3- Seraphim(4:55)
  4- Cricket Season(1:48)
  5- Till Spirits Rise(4:54)
  6- Aurora(8:27)
  7- Falling Snow(6:19)

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Multi-instrumentalist Steve Unruh (also known from The Samurai Of Prog) is the main man of the American prog rock band Resistor. Next to Unruh (guitars (right channel), vocals, violin, flute) the band consist of Rob Winslow (bass guitar), Barry Farrands (drums, vocals) and Fran Turner (guitars (left channel), backing vocals).

The 5th Season is their 6th album, and it is their “heaviest” so far, meaning lots of guitar riffs/hooks, solos, and melodies galore from mister Unruh. The epic opener Winter, being the longest song of the album, features heavy prog characteristics reminding me of good old Led Zeppelin, while the violin passages sound like Kansas indeed. Seraphim is a singalong track while the short Focus/ Jethro Tull - like Cricket Season is utterly superfluous, at least for me. The latter introduces the three last tracks which are mostly instrumental; Till Spirits Rise is “dominated” by the violin, while Aurora is filled with guitar passages and melodic prog moments and a must for Kansas fans. The last song of this diverse album is called Falling Snow and that one is packed with guitar melodies that remind me of the notorious Beardfish.... All in all, The 5th Season is packed with great compositions, played by excellent musicians and the music is absolutely diverse and top-notch prog rock indeed.

***+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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