Roz Vitalis -
Live At Mezzo Forte Moscow September ‘09

(CD 2009; 53:45; Roz Vitalis)

The tracks:
  1- Warm Tuesday / Giver [piano solo] / Ascension Dream (10:07)
  2- Wooden Bear / Annihilator of Moral Hazard (6:31)
  3- Autumn of Hypocrisy / Disruption (9:51)
  4- Destiny Dethroned (5:14)
  5- Flown with the Wind / Insecure (10:27)
  6- Painsadist (3:42)
  7- Autumn Crocus (4:23)
  8- Outro (3:28)

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Without doubt shame on me but I had never heard of the Russian-based ensemble Roz Vitalis. It turns out that this was originally a studio-based project from Ivan Rozmainsky that he started in 2001 and he has since produced seven albums. Live at Mezzo Forte is the seventh and Roz Vitalis is obviously no longer confined to the studio. The ensemble has grown from Ivan to a five piece band which produces instrumental prog/jazz. Long tracks with multiple breaks, which are not always that logically placed make for a rather fragmented listening experience. Often a nice tune is developing when suddenly the musicians decide to change course, often into more freaky territories. This means that the music lover has to be patient and listen several times to this CD before it gives up all its secrets. Then in the larger part he will find that Roz Vitalis is indeed vital and makes for an interesting listening experience.

***+André de Waal (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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