Salva -
A Thousand Ways to Disappear

(CD 2021, 53:56, White Knight Records)

The tracks:
  1- Stars Aligned(7:29)
  2- Feeding The Flame(4:56)
  3- A New God(9:15)
  4- Wonder's Rebirth(5:22)
  5- Coma(13:49)
  6- Elegy(4:46)
  7- The Strong, Silent Type(8:25)

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Hailing from Sweden, Salva, a true progressive rock band, come up with their 6th album A Thousand Ways To Disappear and for me this is definitely their best one so far showcasing the unique Salva sound, which is a blend of hard rock, metal, prog rock, folk, and even AOR.
Musical highlight is the almost fourteen minutes epic Coma, a true mix of hard rock and prog rock featuring great guitar melodies and complex arrangements. This new album is “heavier” and more complex, but on the other hand the songs are more accessible and feature a lot of musical ingredients from the seventies. Just check out opening tracks Stars Aligned and Feeding The Flame and you will hear hard rock influences from bands like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, or Uriah Heep. Wonder's Rebirth features a very addictive melody, but then again Elegy is a rather superfluous, boring ballad which does not really “fit in” to this album. Sad to conclude that also the final song The Strong Silent Type is way too mainstream to impress me much, but the first five songs are too good to nag too long about these two mishaps...
All in all, a very decent, enjoyable prog rock album by Salva; check it out! Listening tip: Coma!!

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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