Scarless - Czekając...

(CD 2023, 35:40, Lynx Music LM226CD)

The tracks:
  1- Niespełnione Sny(:8:02:)
  2- Do Ciebie(:5:22:)
  3- Czarna Góra(:9:35:)
  4- Maskarada(:4:12:)
  5- Słońce Znów Wschodzi(:8:18:)

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Scarless is a band from Poland. The delivered info says they play eighties music in the vein of the old Marillion and Quidam. It is all about the emotions and is an opposition to the music nowadays that sounds very electronic.

The band consists of Gaba Latak on vocals, Janusz Glowacki on guitars, Marcin Pergul on keyboards, Adam Watly on drums and Tomasz Zarzycki on bass.

After reading the info mentioned before I was curious of what I should hear in the music. Well, here it goes....

You fall into the music when Niespełnione Sny starts. In no time there is a nice guitar solo on the menu card. It is so warm and melodic, lovely. The female singer has a low reach in her singing and that is nice nowadays. Normally female singers can go sky high with their voice, that is not what you get here. This music does not ask for a high singer at all. The production and sound is, as mentioned before, a real eighties sound. Towards the end the bass player may give a kind of solo that is the start for a great guitar solo and the end is a keyboard solo that grabs you at the throat, yeah!. It is a warm bath what reaches you in the first song. You can hear that all members are putting all their love in the song, great.

Do Ciebie falls with the door into your house, it reminds me of the old Marillion songs. You can feel the emotions that the guitar player experiences with his guitar playing. Gaba Latak has a nice timbre in her singing. Towards the end the guitar is crying its tears like a baby until you discover that your own tears are also weeping about your cheek. The thought you have is: no, never stop this song, please, no....

Czarna Góra is the longest song on the album and starts with piano sounds. After they fade away the drums are here to say hello and claim the top position at that moment. It all has a slow rhythm, it builds slowly and then Gaba her great voice reaches you. I did not mention it before but all the lyrics are in Polish so I surely do not know what she is singing about but that is totally okay because the emotions tell you enough. A lovely guitar solo melts into your ear, aaahhh..., nice. Secretly the keys take over and give you a nice solo, supported by a great rhythm section. This is another great song on the album.

Maskarada is the shortest song on the album. The start is overwhelming and hits you in the face and you can only start headbanging. It is direct, melodic, aggressive and a good piece of music. In this song there is sometimes dual singing and that fits perfectly. A great keyboard solo reaches you and also in this song is a very emotional solo on the guitar, that moves to a solo that you heard in the hard rock from the eighties.

Słońce Znów Wschodzi starts and is also the last song on the album. In the start the bass supports Gaba. The song takes the time to unroll to you with nice guitar playing and a good rhythm section. Later you can hear Marillion again, it is nice to hear what these people listened to in their early years. I don't think you will hear music nowadays that sounds like Scarless.

Well, that was a nice ride for me. Enthusiastic music, melodic, emotional and remembering the eighties, the time I grew up. My only complaint on the music Scarless makes is that the length of the album is only 35 minutes. I wanted to listen for at least 70 minutes to this fine music. Scarless, go to your studio and make another record for the world, your music is necessary.

**** Michel Stolk (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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