Fred Schneider - Seul A SeulS

(CD 2009, 58:16, Musea GW3121)

The tracks:
  1- Kawana(3:20)
  2- All Is(3:32)
  3- Anho(3:47)
  4- Ishkar(5:25)
  5- Liberty City(6:42)
  6- Petite Fugue En Sol(3:33)
  7- Summertime(5:47)
  8- Pliť En Cinq(3:56)
  9- Pol?ra(3:46)
10- Tabasco(3:00)
11- My Favorite Thing(3:45)
12- Beautiful Story(3:42)
13- Solid Heart(4:38)

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Fred Schneider is a well-known French bass player and perhaps therefore this album is only interesting for bass players. Most of the songs are rather jazzy, funky and experimental and featuring of course lots of bass solos. Two songs feature female vocals: the cover Summertime, sung by Corinne Dranguet and the other is My Favorite Thing sung by Veronique Ebel. Yes, indeed, this is the absolute horror cover of the song from that dreadful musical The Sound Of Music. Need I say more..? Schneider is without any doubt an excellent bass player, but I cannot listen to bass music for almost one hour, can you? If you can, you should try this one out, but skip tracks 7 and 11!

* Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)
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