Science NV -
Pacific Circumstances

(CD 2010, 68:58 Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- H1NV7 (9:09)
  2- Danse Macabre (8:28)
  3- Morning Jump (4:27)
  4- Conflicted (10:49)
  5- Quadrapole (8:44)
  6- Devil in Witches' Toes (10:38)
  7- Billy Burrough's Brain (3:46)
  8- The Ouroborus Variations (12:30)

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Opening track H1NV7 immediately shows what Science NV, a San Francisco based quartet, is capable off. It starts with a section that could have been played by Emerson, Lake & Palmer, continues in the 'normal' jazz-fusion vein and ends with a piece directed by King Crimson. And we are only nine minutes into Pacific Circumstances ! The 'pièce de résistance' follows directly: an inspired version of Ravel's Danse Macabre played by The Enid on speed. This is clever music, played by literally clever people - they all have doctorates - in a funny way which sounds good, very good. You should read their biographies on the band's website, really hilarious! There are no vocals on this album, but these are not being missed for one second; there's just too much going on in the mostly lengthy tracks. In general, Pacific Circumstances has a seventies jazz-rock feel because of the high level of musicianship and the clever compositions, updated to the 21st century with occasionally a sniff of Gentle Giant. For example, the fourth track Conflicted sounds like its title. This is a varied and surprisingly interesting album from an interesting band.

**** André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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