Seasonal - Heartvoid

(CD 2017, 50:08, Lynx Music LM 144CD)

The tracks:
  1- Unremovable Stain(3:25)
  2- Lifeweight(5:49)
  3- Bloodstained(11:14)
  4- When Your Best Is Not Good Enough(4:54)
  5- Off The Track(4:27)
  6- I Want To Get Wasted With You(3:35)
  7- Spring Rain(4:36)
  8- Higher Altitude(7:38)
  9- Still On The Road(4:31)

Seasonal - Silent Sacrifice

(CD 2018, 72:40, Lynx Music LM 138CD)

The tracks:
  1- Curse(5:14)
  2- Complete The Circle(4:07)
  3- The End Of The Book(7:06)
  4- Sun Always Comes Down(5:43)
  5- Empty House(5:41)
  6- Turn I Used To Take(5:09)
  7- Silent Sacrifice(6:08)
  8- Avoid At All Costs(3:49)
  9- Just A Mere Shadow(8:28)
10- No One Here(4:44)
11- Stray Dog(5:30)
12- Darkdive(6:08)
13- Ballad Of Unwanted Heart(4:53)

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I hadn't heard of Seasonal before I got the copies of the albums Heartvoid (2017) and Silent Sacrifice (2018). Seasonal is the personal project of Maciej Sochoń. His project started way back in 2007. In the review of the previous record Loneliness Manual (2015, see review), our reviewer mentioned that it only contained one song with a vocalist named Piotr Trypus, which he liked very much. On both discs that I review here, Sochoń is the vocalist. What can you expect from this music?

If you like lyrics that are not that positive, then you have a plus with Seasonal. I think Maciej is a sad man. I do not know what he had to go through in his life, but the lyrics tell me a little bit about it, I guess.

The style of music is a bit dreamy, sometimes it reminds me of synthesizer greatest, but this time a lot of post rock comes to you. On both albums I hear a lot of emotions. Heartvoid has a total playing time of 50:08 and Silent Sacrifice clocks 72:40, so in total you have to go through two hours of music. In the beginning I liked the voice of Maciej, but the longer I listened, the more it irritated me. What irritated me? The singing is layered, all by himself, but it is also repetitive, I think he cannot sing in another way. And that is lacking in both albums. I know all is done by himself, and musically there is a lot of atmosphere to taste and to go through, but his voice..... and that is such a pity.

I think the project can be much more interesting by having a good vocalist, that is the best tip I can give.

So because of the not too good singing both albums get three stars.

*** Michel Stolk (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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