Seasons Of Time -
Welcome To The Unknown

(CD 2018, 52:57, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Toward The Horizon(9:54)
  2- Plans To Make Plans(5:37)
  3- Dreams Of A Madman(6:43)
  4- Joana(14:37)
  5- Driven To Drive(7:49)
  6- The Last Ship(8:10)

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Late 1993 five musicians met in the German city Bremerhaven, all inspired by the music of Marillion, Pink Floyd and Genesis. They founded the band Seasons Of Time, eager to make prog. They suffered from a serie of line-up changes but stay true their inspiration, despite trends and hypes. In 1997 Seasons Of Time released their debut album entitled Behind The Mirror, a concept album about the complex feelings of a woman who killed her children in order to start a new relationship and how this affected the emotional world of this new lover. In 2010 Seasons Of Time was called a day but multi-instrumentalist and prime mover re-started Seasons Of Time, as a studio-project. In 2010 Seasons Of Time released their second album entitled Closed Doors To Open Plains (see review), again a concept album, “about our desire to want more, higher, quicker and further, without regard to losses, apparently becoming blind, and forgetting to lean back and simply enjoy”. After the recordings the drummer and singer left, the new line-up features Seasons Of Time as a trio, with additional musicians (drums and backing vocals), in 2018 they released their third album Welcome To The Unknown.

I would like to divide this CD into two parts. The first part (track 1-3), features a band that strongly plays in the vein of neo-prog, especially Pendragon comes to my mind: between dreamy and bombastic with David Gilmour type of guitar parts (like in Toward The Horizon) and a dynamic rhythm-section. Unfortunately the English vocals sound pretty mediocre, with a strong accent, in comparison with the powerful instrumental parts a bit amateurish. The second part (track 4-6) showcases a more adventurous band, with more own ideas.
Heavy guitar riffs (close to prog metal) and voices in the epic and varied Joana.
A sound collage intro, a distorted voice and a raw and hypnotizing climate in Drive To Drive.
And sensitive electric guitar, a variety of synthesizer sounds and a bombastic atmosphere with a tight and propulsive beat in the final track The Last Ship.

A nice and pleasant effort, if you don't mind the mediocre English vocals with a strong accent.

*** Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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