Shalash Band - Shalash

(CD 2018, 51:30 Shalash Band Record, S.B.R. 001)

The tracks:
  1- 54321(3:51)
  2- 12/8(7:59)
  3- V.S.(3:52)
  4- S.Z.(6:59)
  5- V(4:00)
  6- R.N.(5:17)
  7- R.T.(5:23)
  8- P(3:25)
  9- W(4:44)
10- S(6:00)

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Shalash Band was formed in 2016. In 2018 this album saw the light of day and was called Shalash. There are only two members in this Russian band: Dmity Karavaev on keyboards and Maxim Smirnov on drums.

I want to take you on the journey that is called Shalash. You wake on an sunny day when you have a day off from work. After stretching yourself, you want to relax this day. You call a friend to discuss what to do. After talking a bit, you both decide to go to a theme park.

In the park you see a lot of people with a smile on their face, everybody is happy. When you are in the roller coaster you hear some music. The music is equal to the moves the roller coaster makes. So you enjoy some looping's, corkscrews, speed, turns to your left and to your right. Also you can hear everybody scream when some unexpected things happen and you have so much fun! And you know what, it is a really long one this roller coaster album, it is about 52 minutes long and all instrumental. Happiness is the road, and so is this music. It is a really nice adventure. Every time the roller coaster is at it's end, you want to join the ride again, and again and again.

The beforementioned description is exactly the way I feel when listening to the lovely music of this band. It is all about themes on the keyboard, supported by excellent drumming and excellent bass playing. The style of the music is very keyboard orientated, sometimes Spock's Beard comes to mind, sometimes King Crimson. It is very melodic, positive and has a great vibe. One song that is an example for it all is R.T. It is a kind of Russian dance and is very original.

The song titles are a bit weird, I really do not know what they mean, but hey, who cares?

All I can say is: go to the bandcamp site and buy the album, you will not regret it. And now I will get in the roller coaster again, and again, and again.

**** Michel Stolk (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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