Shwesmo & Yogev Gabay -
Binary Farm

(CD 2019, 25:22, Independent Release)

The tracks:
  1- Gnawhat?(4:12)
  2- Digital Elephants(5:19)
  3- Cured By The Sun(5:38)
  4- Hamsa Beat(3:48)
  5- Buffer Zone(6:24)

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A while ago I was asked by Joel Genin; the US based guitarist for Distorted Harmony and his progressive fusion project HAGO, if I was interested in listening to and writing about his album, which was released under the moniker Shwesmo. A short album, which he had recorded with his friend Yogev Gabay, drummer for the aforementioned Distorted Harmony. With the request also came a warning, Binary Farm is a highly electronic happening which does include organic drums and the occasional heavy guitar.

Curious, but not over enthusiastic I agreed to listen, since I love the instruments pure and normally am not fond of heavily programmed electronics. Several sessions later I am totally convinced about the beauty of this album, take the album's opener Gnawhat?. An intriguing blend of real drums, lots of electronics, spoken word and other sound samples and heavy guitar riffs make this composition a very interesting one. Sampled konnakol elements lead Digital Elephants in, followed by some screaming synths. Cured By The Sun is a fine melodic soundscape style song with strong keyboard melodies, catchy, but emotional at the same time. Ending in one furious clash. Hamsa Beat is sampling in optima forma, including rap parts. All over a solid, oriental sounding rhythm. Buffer Zone takes the music one step beyond; atmospheric parts are fused with bizarre electronic rhythms, but in a way they seem to work well together.

All in all, Binary Farm turns out to be a pretty intense ride. Atmospherically, post rock, electronic samples and experimental. For live concerts, some fine visuals would give the music an extra dimension. Where I lacked the interest of a band like Nordic Giants, sorry. This could absolutely work for me in a two man live setting.

****+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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