Silas & Saski -
Power Of Three

(CD 2020, 19:27, Erpsongs ERP004 )

The tracks:
  1- Magic Of Words(5:10)
  2- In Reverse(8:03)
  3- Power of Three(6:19)

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Power OF Three is a three song EP, released by the duo Silas & Saski. First of all, let's introduce the two individuals. Silas Neptune, who plays synth, guitar and bass on Power Of Three, is also known as Silas Wynne, the synth player for Ozric Tentacles. He also has released a solo album; The Scales Of Tahuti. Saskia Maxwell is a singer, guitarist, flutist and dancer. Classically trained and grown up in a folk music related environment.

The three compositions can be seen as a combination of Silas space rock heritage and the sweet folk influences form Saski. Although the songs have a strong groove, the bubbly sounds give the songs the atmospherically spacey feel. Former Ozric member Tom Brooks is responsible for this fine musical atmosphere, while Silas adds his soundscapes. Ed Wynne adds his distinguished trademark guitar solo to the second track In Reverse. Saski's vocals are a sweet combination of one side Within Temptation's Sharon De Adel and on the other side Candice Knight. The outcome giving a little insight to what might become the future of space rock, or at least the beginning of an interesting sub-genre. Special credits go the midsection of the EP's final track Power Of Three, the parts where power and space collide.

As I referred to above, this fine EP could be the beginning of the next phase in space related music. Both Saski as well as Silas join their specific elements into a new unique piece of music.

**** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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