Pete Sinfield - Still

(CD 1973/2009; 42:45/52:15; Esoteric Records MANTCD 21003)

The tracks:
  1- Song of the Sea Goat
  2- Under the Sky
  3- Will it be You
  4- Wholefood Boogie
  5- Still
  6- Envelopes of Today
  7- The Piper
  8- A house of Hopes and Dreams
  9- The Night people
  1- Hanging Fire
  2- Still (first mix)
  3- The Song of the Sea Goat
  4- Under the Sky
  5- Wholefood Boogie
  6- Envelopes of Today
  7- The Piper
  8- A house of Hopes and Dreams
  9- The Night people
10- Still (second mix)
11- Can you forgive a Fool?

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The one and only solo album by Pete Sinfield is a clear case of the sum of the parts being larger than the parts alone. That is to say, Pete combining with King Crimson’s  Robert Fripp created quite a lot of magic on the early Crimson albums like In The Court Of The Crimson King, Islands and Lizard. Pete on his own, on Still, is a whole different matter. Despite a broad range of famous collaborators, like Greg Lake, Mel Collins, Keith Tippet, Boz Bass, John Wetton and Ian Wallace, Still can only be described as boring. The reason for this isn’t hard to find: in the CD booklet Sinfield confesses to having been greatly influenced by Donovan. And that is exactly what many of the songs on Still remind one of: the folky, quiet, meandering, without a hook songs of the kind that the folk hippies produced in that time. Only The Night People, because of the jazzy feel, and Still, because of the singing of Wetton, are positive exceptions. The fact that this is a double CD, with many demos of the songs, doesn’t really help. Sinfield himself states that making Still was a hell of a job and that “it wasn’t too hard to step away from being the solo artist.” Quite rightly so.

* André de Waal (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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