Sinus - T.A.F.U. 
  (To Arise From Unknown)

(CD 2009; 49:51; Lynx Music LM 54 CD)

The tracks:
  1- Two hearted(8:36)
  2- False Guardian(6:16)
  3- The Aged Word(8:21)
  4- Loneliness(5:50)
  5- Erased(3:43)
  6- DREAM(17:03)
       Part I: Dainty Regards,
       Part II: Edge …
       Part III: … And Misgiving

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The somewhat wobbly English in the album and song titles and the band name leads you to believe that we have business here with a non-English, probably Scandinavian, dark gothic metal band. Close, but no cigar!  Sinus is indeed non-English and originates from Poland and the band plays progressive prog metal. So the songs are quite heavy but with a good instrumental undertone. Do not expect something like Riverside, it sounds more like a very very heavy Galahad with a rather plain sounding vocalist. The songs are not earth shattering although each one has an edge to it, like a nice guitar solo here or a fluent instrumental passage there. As can be expected, the epic DREAM is the price track on To Arise From Unknown. With its three distinct parts it is the sturdiest track with some harsh lyrics and ditto guitar work, a nice ending to this CD.

**+André de Waal (edited by Melody Oakley)

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