Sirjoe Project - Letze Baum

(CD 2019, 72:16, Private Release SC0001)

The tracks:
  1- Forgive Us(5:58)
  2- Thieves In The Temple(4:06)
  3- Coltan Grave(4:23)
  4- I Pray The Rain(5:12)
  5- The Power Of The Sea(5:20)
  6- Deadly Waltz(6:53)
  7- Anyway(9:09)
  8- Binary Code(4:34)
  9- The King Of All(4:42)
10- I Need Time(6:02)
11- Rainbow Warriors(5:06)
12- Maybe Today(4:59)
13- Selfdestruction(5:00)

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Band info. “Behind the moniker SirJoe Project lies Sergio Casamassima, known for his long militancy in the excellent Presence, with whom he has carried out various jobs since the end of the 1980s (the last in chronological order is Master And Following of 2017). Letze Baum is his first soloist, recorded in full autonomy and with the help of only Alessandro Granato as far as the vocal parts are concerned and Mario Mutti for the lyrics, it is born from an environmental concept often attributed to an Indian chief, that is how the greed of mankind is leading to the destruction of the planet and of man himself.”

“When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned you will realize that you cannot eat money”.

These words, attributed to the native Indians of America, mark the beginning of the imaginary journey through the madness of the man of Letze Baum. This man completely destroyed planet earth believing to be the head of the world (Paolo Spadea).

Most compositions alternate between prog metal and harder-edged melodic rock, loaded with outstanding heavy guitar work (from sensitive and howling to blistering and wah wah), and tastefully blended with a variety of sounds, from assorted percussion (Coltan Grave, the instrumental Anyway, Binary Code) to native Indian singing (Rainbow Warriors). Some more mellow tracks and interludes feature sparkling piano (Thieves In The Temple) and soaring keyboards, or twanging acoustic guitar (ballad-like The Power Of The Sea). The vocals are inspired, but with an obvious accent. And although I love the content of the lyrics, the use of the English language sounds a bit simplistic to me, like German singer/guitar player Frank Bornemann in his band Eloy. It doesn't really disturb me, but it is a negative contrast with the good level of all members of the Sirjoe Project, and the pleasant compositions with lots of flowing shifting moods and subtle colouring with samples.

*** Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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