Spirits Burning - Alien Injection

(CD 2008, 78:54, Black Widow BWR 103)

The tracks:
  1- Alien Injection(5:27)
  2- New Religion(5:28)
  3- Alpha Harmony(7:14)
  4- Every Gun Plays Its Own Tune(3:12)
  5- Logger’s Revenge(9:02)
  6- Augustus(6:22)
  7- Future Memories(6:29)
  8- The Entropy Tango(3:22)
  9- Another World(4:14)
10- The Hawk(4:36)
11- Imported Serpents(3:48)
12- Ingle borough(2:35)
13- Unpturned Dolphin(4:29)
14- Salome(5:00)
15- Montfallcon(4:12)
16- Heaven(3:16)

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Spirits Burning is a free will multi participant association founded by Don Falcone, who is a composer, producer and musician. Alien Injection is his fourth album and you can hear more than seventy minutes of experimental space rock jamming. However, you need a lot of patience and maybe even some narcotics to listen to the entire album in one take. The album has a rather hollow sound so you sometimes think that you are listening to a demo version. All of the compositions are chaotic and rather psychedelic, not very accessible. This music could really drive me insane if I would listen to it too often. Maybe, I do not understand Alien Injection. It could well be a brilliant album, but I do not like it at all and that is all I can say about it….

* Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)
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