Starless - Missing You

(CD 2021, 34:02, Lynx Music LM195CD)

The tracks:
  1- Beginning(2:26)
  2- Silhouette(4:25)
  3- Shower(2:37)
  4- Dreamer(2:57)
  5- I Could Be God(5:46)
  6- Lady Of The Lake(4:01)
  7- Autumn Leaves(4:23)
  8- Missing You(3:34)
  9- Homesick(3:53)

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As many lovers of progressive rock know a great progressive rock tune is not always dependant on how many Minimoogs, Hammond organs or Mellotrons are used on it. A beautiful piece of music can sometimes also be enjoyed when it is performed on an acoustic piano or sometimes accompanied by some violins and cellos. The release of Missing You by the Polish act Starless proves this once again!

The Starless group consists of the female singer Marta Bejma (also known as the lead vocalist of Alhena) and the composer, arranger and instrumentalist Piotr Pryka. He is the one who plays the beautiful piano parts on this album. Finally there is a lyricist, lawyer by profession and a passionate poet and music lover, Wojciech Kokociński. This trio is accompanied by violinist Weronika Podkul and cellist Monika Moszczyńska. Who form a highly exposed string section and made the musical sound on Missing You beautifully coloured.

The album consists of 9 short, intimate, romantic-sounding songs. Piano, strings and strong beautiful vocal performances. You probably don't need anything else while listening to this great sounding album. Great romantic music. It is a short album, lasting just over half an hour and has compositions written by Bejma and Pryka, arranged aloud and the three mentioned instruments. The first thing that catches your ears are beautiful melodies of wonderful beauty, with a lot of melancholy and romance. This is certainly due to Bejma, whose vocal parts are simply stunning. Sometimes you hear choirs with great harmonies! Giving the whole a lot of naturalness, but also energy and a certain liveliness. In addition, her very mature vocal parts remind me at times of Anneke Van Giersbergen. Another great singer without any doubt! On the other hand we have the musical skills of Pryka, who is a great performer on his instrument. Sometime playing very mellow and in a classical way. Sometimes more fast and up tempo when the song needs it. A great asset to the music is without doubt the string section. Giving the songs so much variety when it is needed. Sometimes the music reminds me of the Russian duo Gleb Kolyadin (piano, keyboards) and Marjana Semkina (vocals), better known as Iamthemorning. The only difference is that Starless has much more variety and melody in their compositions.

The stage just belongs to Marta and Piotr and the accompanying string section without any doubt. Tracks such as Dreamer, Silhouette, Autumn Leaves, I Could Be God, Lady Of The Lake and Homesick are recordings that you can like from the first listening. But this atmospheric album should be listened to in its entirety. Many times. Only then do these sounds form a logical sequence of colours, melodies and moods. Everyone will hear something different on Missing You that's for sure and everyone will discover in this music their own inspiration, adventure and a fascinating journey into the unknown ...

This is an album for true thoughtful and dreamy romantics. Highly recommended for you out there who like to relax sometimes with the lights dimmed, a glass of wine and your loved one next to you! The main thing is that you can like the album in your own special way! Especially lovers of piano songs, nocturne atmosphere, good singing and discreet, melancholic sound of string instruments. And remember, no drums where harmed during the recording of this album!

**** Henri Strik (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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