Stefan Petanovski - Eros

(CD 2021, 52:57, Independent Release)

The tracks:
  1- Tanaka(3:00)
  2- New Moon(7:15)
  3- Eros(5:11)
  4- Restless Mind(4:17)
  5- Ocean Wave(4:04)
  6- Heartsease(4:28)
  7- Cafune(2:46)
  8- Shemomedjamo(6:50)
  9- The Path: Life's Light And Suffering(12:13)
10- Waning Crescent(2:53)

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Stefan Petanovski is a Macedonian guitar player and song writer and Eros is his second album. I am afraid that I do not know and have never heard (sad but true) his debut album, but if it is as good as Eros then I will certainly dive into that album as well!

Eros contains ten songs which can all be described as prog metal with lots of instrumental passages and some songs can even double as full on metal songs. Opening track Tanaka is a very atmospheric song, featuring African tribal sounds, electronics, a real choir and even African vocals. Follow up New Moon is completely different as Mike Oldfield comes to mind here due to the classical and jazz like prog madness of the song. The title track is the first real highlight, featuring guitar melodies galore and especially the long guitar solo of Stefan is truly awesome! Heartsease is another milestone filled with melodic fast guitar solos which make me shiver to the bone! Shemomedjamo (meaning: I ate the whole thing) is another instrumental guitar highlight, also featuring lots of prog metal elements. Stefan however saves the best almost for the last, as The Path: Life's Light And Suffering is an absolute prog metal beast, kicking off with a true metal intro, before it evolves into a marvellous track filled with emotional vocals (Ana Petanovski), masterful guitar solos and excellent keyboard riffs and melodies; check that one out!!

Eros is a must have album for guitar lovers and prog metal fans; listening tips: Shemomedjamo, Eros and of course the epic The Path; play at maximum volume and do not mind what the neighbours say!!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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