Steve Hackett -
Genesis Revisited Band & Orchestra: Live At The Royal Festival Hall

(2CD 2019, 53:18/ 61:07, Inside Out Music)

The tracks:
CD 1:
  1- Dance On A Volcano(6:36)
  2- Out Of The Body(2:50)
  3- The Steppes(7:16)
  4- Firth Of Fifth(10:44)
  5- Dancing With The Moonlit Knight(8:33)
  6- Acoustic guitar solo(0:19)
  7- Blood On The Rooftops(5:53)
  8- Shadow Of The Hierophant(11:27)
CD 2:
  1- In That Quiet Earth(5:20)
  2- Afterglow(4:24)
  3- Serpentine Song(7:10)
  4- El Nino(4:04)
  5- Supper's Ready(28:01)
  6- The Musical Box(12:08)

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Steve Hackett's last album At The Edge Of Light, his 26th studio album, was indeed again a true master piece and it met with much well deserved critical acclaim and praise. Hackett's new studio album even charted in several countries with its peak in the UK Rock Charts at number 3 !! Now, the old-Genesis guitar picker releases a new live album, recorded at The Royal Albert Hall in London on October 5th of last year.

Hackett recorded this amazing live album with his well-known band, the Heart Of England Philharmonic Orchestra and guests musicians John Hackett and Amanda Lehmann. This double CD features 14 tracks and the overall sound is truly magical and crystal clear. Of course the emphasis lies on the older Genesis tracks but this album also features newer tracks, making it an almost perfect musical progressive rock mix. Highlights without a doubt are: Dance On A Volcano, Firth Of Fifth, Shadow Of The Hierophant, Serpentine Song, The Musical Box and a spectacular and flawless version of the Genesis classic Supper's Ready.

Highly recommended, and not only for Hackett fans!! Also available on Blu-Ray and DVD!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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