Sweet Okay Supersister -
Spiral Staircase

(CD 1974/2009; 39:32; Esoteric Recordings ECLEC 2168)

The tracks:
  1- Retroschizive [Introduction schizo](2:21)
  2- Jelly bean hop(1:36)
  3- Dangling dingdongs(6:54)
  4- Sylvers song [Groan, stamp, shock, hoot](3:09)
  5- Cookies, teacups, buttercups(4:01)
  6- Gi, ga, go [Gollumble jafers](4:01)
  7- It had to be(3:46)
  8- Nosy parkers(4:26)
  9- We steel so frange [Epilogue](2:54)

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Sweet Okay Sister was a side project of Supersisterís founders singer/flautist Sacha van Geest and keyboard-player Robert Jan Stips and can therefore basically be considered to be Supersister. This Dutch band from the beginning of the seventies always was a bit too clever for its own good, or better, for its own popularity and therefore remained a cult band whose reputation grew through the years. Listening to Spiral Staircase it is clear that this album didnít do anything to deserve that reputation because it basically is an annoying collection of sounds supposedly aimed at being funny, quite simple tunes, and the occasional nice song. Spiral Staircase certainly does not compare to the far superior albums Present From Nancy and Pudding En Gisteren. The band info speaks of Spiral Staircase being in the same league as Frank Zappa and Gong but that gives it way too much credit for those guys made time tested music while Spiral Staircase has just not weathered the years very well. Only for the completist.

*Andrť de Waal (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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