T.Phan - Last Warrior

(CD 2009, 59:35, Musea Records, CD DM4)

The tracks:
  1- Last Warrior(5:35)
  2- The Bridge(2:55)
  3- Livin’ Good 1(5:54)
  4- Livin’ Good 2(4:12)
  5- After Storm Piano(2:09)
  6- No Ambition(3:44)
  7- Walking Alone(3:31)
  8- Play Like That(7:09)
  9- New York Lights On(2:31)
10- Intro To Nothin’(1:57)
11- Nothin’ Grows(4:31)
12- Not Mine 1(3:04)
13- Not Mine 2(3:19)
14- A Little War (3:47)
15- Lost In The Koursk(5:17)

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T.Phan is a new musical project of French drummer Stephan Caussarieu, former of Tai Phong. Thirty years ago this band made a couple of albums and now they returned with Last Warrior. The music on this album is kind of laid back, jazzy and fusion-like with lots of soundscapes, piano and Eastern-oriented musical parts. The album features five instrumental pieces and honestly speaking, I expected a little bit more variation.

Most of the songs sound too much alike and are rather tiresome and not very powerful or diverse. I wouldn’t label this album as being progressive rock or even rock! The best songs are Livin’ Good Part 1 and Nothin’ Grows, songs that bring back memories of old Camel -material. The rest of the album is simply mediocre. This release certainly is no winning return for T.Phan...

**+ Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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