Taurus & Pisces - Inertia 

(CD 2009, 52.48, TP productions)

The tracks:
  1- Things Can Turn(08:05)
  2- Mirror Images(06:20)
  3- Borderline(05:14)
  4- Schooldays(05:40)
  5- 1975(03:32)
  6- Same(05:33)
  7- Politics(05:24)
  8- Under My Skin(05:59)
  9- Sweet Lucidity(06:57)

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Inertia is the debut album of two Dutch guys who share their musical preference for a long time. Peter Everts and Gert Bruins started the band Taurus & Pisces a few years ago. Their musical style is a mixture of the music of The Alan Parsons Project, Porcupine Tree, Timothy Pure and Differences.

In the opening tune Things Can Turn, there’s an introduction with violin and soundscapes followed by some heavy riffs, but these riffs are an exception on this album. Mirror Images is a mellow and relaxing piece partly due the electronic drum machine. Schooldays is a ballad that has some influences of the famous Crosby, Stills Nash & Young or Venice. 1975 is the only instrumental song on the album. The acoustic rhythm guitar and the computer strings with flutes create a symphonic and romantic atmosphere. Same has in the beginning some references to the Pink Floyd -album A Momentary Lapse Of Reason. The song ends with two short electric guitar solos. The track Politics reminded me in the beginning of a Porcupine Tree-song, but luckily, the guitar riffs turn out to be rather original. Under My Skin is a mediocre song although the acoustic Spanish guitar sounds okay and well played. The last song Sweet Lucidity has a fine electric guitar solo, but is mainly a repetition of the overall atmosphere on the album. 

I must confess that I have mixed feelings about this debut album by Taurus & Pisces. Most songs are tasteful, but I miss highlights and variety in the songs. Inertia is not the right prescription against autumn sadness and the long and dark days to come.

***  Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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