The Adekaem -
Sound Coloring

(CD 2017, 40.55, Lynx Music LM 129)

The tracks:
  1- Ocher(7:47)
  2- Black(7:31)
  3- Green (part I, II, III)(12:26)
  4- Red(6:54)
  5- White(3:40)
  6- Blue(2:37)

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The Polish prog formation The Adekaem was founded in early 2013 by Andrzej Białas (keyboards) and Krzysztof Wala (guitars ), a few months later joined by Marcin "Budda" Pękała on bass and Dariusz Goiński on drums. Hence the name of the band was created from the first letters of the first four members written in Polish: A De Ka eM. From their start The Adekaem was going to create music that was the result of musical inspirations, namely progressive rock, psychedelic music and elements of classical rock and jazz-rock. At the beginning a large part of their work was based on team improvisations directed towards space rock. In 2015 the band released their eponymous first album The Adekaem and in 2017 the successor entitled Sound Coloring, by the independent label LYNX Music from Krakow (known for publishing many great prog-rock LPs). After a lot of perturbations The Adekaem now operates and creates as a duo: the prime movers Andrzej Bielas (keyboards) and Krzysztof Wala (guitar), supported by professional musicians. They now have finished creating material for their third album, and are looking for a publisher. It will be even more surprising and uncompromising than the second album, and The Adekaem will probably release a double album (the band recorded 130 minutes of music on a demo).

I am not familiar with their debut album but Sound Colouring is a very pleasant first musical encounter. This band writes wonderful melodic compositions with flowing shifting moods, between dreamy, mid-tempo and bombastic beats, fuelled by a tight rhythm-section. Looking at the title I conclude that the coloring of the sound is very tasteful: from tender or swinging piano, soaring keyboards and acoustic guitar to fat synthesizer flights.

Especially the often David Gilmour (but also Steve Rothery and Andy Latimer) inspired electric guitar solo deserve a special mention. The use of slide and wah-wah in the instrumental Orcher (it sounds like an 'Eighties neo-prog tribute', especially Marillion). Very moving in the alternating ballad Black. Sensitive and fiery in the varied and dynamic epic Green featuring halfway an exciting break with Hammond organ sound, along with powerful vocals. Compelling in the mid-long and beautiful build-up, White , topped with emotional vocals and classical orchestrations. And howling runs in Red (with additional female vocal harmonies) and again very moving in the instrumental final track Blue (beautiful dreamy keyboards).

Like so many good Polish prog bands, The Adekaem delivers very tastefully arranged, melodic and accessible progressive rock, with neo-prog hints. The emphasis in their music is on creating pleasant and compelling climates, rather than impressing with awesome skills on instruments or complex rhythms and climates. The vocals are in decent English, with a slight accent but not disturbing. I am looking forward to their musical development and next effort.

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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