The Ancestry Program -
Mysticeti Ambassadors Part 1

(CD 2021, 70:55, FreiBad Schallplatten & Musikverlag - 4260187722560)

The tracks:
  1- Dark To Overcome(17:02)
  2- Gusty Ghost(6:53)
  3- Lovely Lies(10:41)
  4- Tiny Monsters(8:28)
  5- Carry On (The Lyricist)(13:28)
  6- My Enemy(8:31)
  7- Diamond Ring(5:52)

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The debut album Tomorrow (2019, see review) of the German prog rock band The Ancestry Program (TAP) was really a musical treat of the highest sort but their follow up Mysticeti Ambassadors Part 1 is definitely a MUST for all fans of original progressive rock. The Munich founded quartet, consisting of Andy Lind (drums), Thomas Burlefinger (keys), Mani Gruber (guitars) and Ben Knabe (vocals), turned into a quintet when bass player Frank Thumbach became a permanent member of The Ancestry Program.

The sound of TAP is a very original blend of musical elements from prog metal, jazz rock, math rock, neo prog, symphonic prog, and classic prog in the veins of for instance Gentle Giant. A perfect example of this blend is the song Carry On (The Lyricist) which is a typical TAP track, featuring a short, but lovely synthesizer overture, followed by razor-sharp guitar riffs, almost in the veins of Rammstein, awesome melodies and lots of beautiful progressive musical passages, and most of all lots of diversity, never a dull moment, indeed!

This amazing album opens with the epic track Dark To Overcome, clocking over seventeen minutes, and right from the start you are captured by the overwhelming sound of TAP as this song is filled with complex and intriguing arrangements, but also lots of heavy riffs and melodies, although it definitely is not real prog metal. The Ancestry Program also stands out due to the strong vocal lines on the entire album, although some people might call the vocals too flat, I think they are 100% compatible to the sound of the band.

Mysticeti Ambassadors Part 1 comes highly recommended by me, give it a try and I think you will be amazed by the musical diversity of this German band, also for fans of Neal Morse!!!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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