The Black Noodle Project -
When The Stars Align, It Will Be Time

(CD 2022, 41:48, Progressive Promotion Records PPRCD105)

The tracks:
  1- Welcome To Hell(7:23)
  2- Black Moment(4:59)
  3- Give Us Hope(6:49)
  4- Time(6:03)
  5- Stormy Weather(7:43)
  6- Behind The Light(8:46)

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The Black Noodle Project is a French post rock band and in 2013 colleague Pedro Bekkers wrote a genuinely nice review about their album Ghosts & Memories (see review); however, for me it is the first time that I heard any music from this band.

The Black Noodle Project really surprised me with their new release When The Stars Align, It Will Be Time, as the six tracks featured here are quite inventive, intense, and thrilling to listen to. Three of the six songs on this album feature guest vocalist Sab Elvenia of the dark metal band The Fundamental Wisdom Of Chaos and her voice certainly adds another dimension to this very atmospheric and sometimes dark music.

Opening track Welcome To Hell is my personal favourite of this album as it really rocks, featuring roaring guitars and hefty drumming indeed. Another great track is the cinematic-like Give Us Hope, filled with beautiful keyboard walls, galloping guitars and a really emotional climax. The last almost instrumental one is called Behind The Light and this one is in fact rather “heavy,” with lots of variety and some vocal parts by Sebastien Bourdeix. So, the other three songs feature Sab as a singer and Black Moment, the single of the album, is in fact a 100% pure rock song, but in Time, a semi-acoustic ballad-like song, the singer really shines with her typical, almost nasal voice; check it out!

When The Stars Align, It Will Be Time is a short album, only 41 minutes, but all the songs are excellently performed and filled with lots of musical variety, so very worthwhile to listen to indeed! Listening tip: Welcome To Hell.

***+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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