The C:Live Collective -
The Age Of Insanity

CD 2018, 59:44, Bumnote Records ‎- BUM001)

The tracks:
  1- The Fifth Estate - Part One (The Dictator Speaks)(11:50)
  2- The Fifth Estate - Part Two (Instrumental)(11:21)
  3- The Fifth Estate - Part Three (Instrumental)(17:15)
  4- The Fifth Estate - Part Four (Instrumental)(14:15)
  5- This City Is London(5:01)

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Clive Mitten, we all know him as one of the leading members of Twelfth Night (TN). Together with Fudge Smith (ex. Pendragon), Mark Spencer (Galahad, ex. LaHost), keyboardist Stephen Bennett (many collaborations) and the son of the legendary Geoff Mann, James Mann. He went back in time to paint the future that was predicted in the Fact And Fiction record he made with Twelfth Night in 1982. It's no longer fiction, it's fact!

The first track, The Fifth Estate, is cut into four 10+ minute pieces. The First piece (The Dictator Speaks) is a revised version of We Are Sane. The typewriter is replaced by a computer keyboard. Sung powerfully by Mark Spencer breathing the air of Geoff. But lacking his typical gimmicks. Necessary? No. It sounds good as it is. Definitely a good modernized slightly heavier version. Fudge is hammering like a lumberjack on steroids. The many tempo changes make this song still as magical as it always was. Nearly 12 minutes gone in a flash! The next 3 parts are instrumental and are in line of the TN spirit and you can hear all directions of neo-prog. As Pt.2 is in the tradition of prog rock in its purest form, tempo changes, solo's on both synth and (bass) guitar. Pt.3 is more playful with theme changes and more keyboard orientated creating ambient parts. Pt.4 starts orchestral and takes you to various styles of music, funk, discobeats, classical all in a keyboard dominated and sometimes dark and bombastic way. The red line is still the excellent bass works of Clive. I think it was typical in TN and you can hear it on this album too. Though he emerged as a serious multi-instrumentalist by delivering this piece of music.
We are all This City (Is London)! Every prog fan knows this epic TN track. This one is made electronic with a slight reggae influence. This description will make you hold back, but... Listen to it, and you'll be amazed. It grabs me. Maybe the thought of it being sung by James Mann. I hear his father. It's magic.

The rumor goes that there will be more releases of this collective coming. I'm looking forward to it.

**** Erik van Os (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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