The Catch -
Excuses For Kings

(CD 2021, 42:32, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Daedalus And The Angel(3:14)
  2- Circus(3:19)
  3- Riches To Rags(6:03)
  4- Real Love In The Modern World(2:54)
  5- What In The World(3:59)
  6- Leviathan(7:49)
  7- Find Another Way(5:10)
  8- Excuses For Kings(8:05)
  9- Last One To Leave(1:59)

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When the main editor of Background Magazine asked me to write a review for this online magazine I was flattered (to be asked) and, since I love hearing new music, thought I'd give it a go. What I've found in reading the reviews from others is that while I have listened to ton of music (prog and metal being my main genres) I haven't done the deep dives that others have. So, with that caveat, here's my take on the debut album Excuses For Kings by The Catch.

First, you should listen to this album!! This release is as advertised, full of 'hat tips' to bands from the 70's and 80's that brought progressive rock to the fore. The songs are full of great lyrical and musical hooks that played over and over in my head (to my delight!). It is full of great songs with just enough 'prog-iness' to keep my interest but no song was too long or kept going after it made its statement. This release brought to mind bands like IQ and pre-Duke Genesis.
Riches To Rags is one of the standout songs if you love the old prog styles of the 70's and is easily my favourite on the album. It starts out with a catchy guitar and drum hook and crashes into some great prog with all the peaks and valleys one expects with some real 'goose bump' moments. The end of the song gave a big nod to Genesis if you listen for it.
Find Another Way is an incredibly 'catchy' tune that begins at normal speed then takes off like a rocket! It's a fun song that kept me bopping and singing in the car all the way to work; and playing air-bass at the traffic lights.
The title cut (as well a few other songs) really made me think of the band, IQ, in the way they are crafted and the musicianship; top notch work! The lyrics are well-crafted and what you would expect on a good prog release.

I couldn't really listen to tracks What In The World or Last One To Leave as they were a bit more on the pop side for my taste. But overall, I think this album is a keeper and I wish them success in what they do going forward.
I rate this 4 stars and highly recommend it.

**** Terri Selbe

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