The Flower Kings -
Waiting For Miracles

(2CD 2019, 63:28/ 21:28, Inside Out Music)

The tracks:
CD 1:
  1- House Of Cards(1:58)
  2- Black Flag(7:42)
  3- Miracles For America(10:03)
  4- Vertigo(9:59)
  5- The Bridge(5:32)
  6- Ascending To The Stars(5:45)
  7- Wicked Old Symphony(5:47)
  8- The Rebel Circus(5:50)
  9- Sleep With The Enemy(6:02)
10- The Crowning Of Greed(4:50)
CD 2:
11- House Of Cards Reprise(1:21)
12- Spirals(5:06)
13- Steampunk(6:34)
14- We Were Always Here(7:35)
15- Busking At Brobank(0:52)

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The Flower Kings indeed belong to my favourite prog rock bands of all time, as progressive master pieces like Stardust We Are (1997), Flower Power (1999), Paradox Hotel (2006) and Banks Of Eden (2012) still regularly make overtime in my CD player.

The 14th Flower Kings album is called: Waiting For Miracles and let's cut to the chase and state right away that this is again a true TFK progressive rock milestone. Waiting For Miracles is a double album featuring 15 adventurous tracks with long guitar solos galore, as for instance in the fabulous song Black Flag. The title track is again a real Flower Kings song with lots of tempo changes, musical variety and many Yes influences; especially Roine Stolt's extended guitar solo indeed reminds me of good old Steve Howe. Other highlights: Vertigo (again typical Flower Kings), The Bridge (featuring a superb melody and ditto guitar solo), the instrumental Ascending To The Stars, Sleep With The Enemy (great vocals of Hasse Froberg and Roine Stolt), The Crowning Of Greed (magical Stolt solo) and Wicked Old Symphony (a standout harder rocking song).

Waiting For Miracles is The Flower Kings at the top of their game, pure prog rock featuring characteristics of pop, prog and symphonic music and also important with no fillers on the album!! This new TFK album will feel like home for the numerous fans across the world without any doubt; play it loud, my friends!!!

****+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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