The Pineapple Thief -

(CD 2018, 43:32, Kscope Kscope613WM)

The tracks:
  1- Not Naming Any Names(2:05)
  2- Try As I Might(4:26)
  3- Threatening War(6:37)
  4- Uncovering Your Tracks(4:29)
  5- All That You've Got(3:27)
  6- Far Below(4:36)
  7- Pillar Of Salt(1:26)
  8- White Mist(11:06)
  9- Shed A Light(5:20)

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The Pineapple Thief is a band from the United Kingdom. They have been running for a long time and Dissolution is their thirteenth studio album. In the long discography of the band you will discover a lot of musical styles. Each phase had something unique and their development can be caught all right. long time members of the band consist of Bruce Soord (vocals and guitars), Jon Sykes (bass) and Steve Kitch (keys).

I only really started to participate since the last album, Your Wilderness. This album made a big impression on me. It is the first album where Gavin Harrison held the drumsticks in his hands. Now he is a fulltime member of the band. We all know Gavin from Porcupine Tree and King Crimson. The possible reason that Your Wilderniss impressed me is the added value of Gavin, who can drum masterfully and is really inventive. Beside Your Wilderness had something new, fresh and fruity. As far as I am concerned, the bar with Your Wilderness was high and I was very curious if Dissolution could equal or even surpass the previous album.

Not Naming Any Names starts with the sensitive voice of Bruce accompanied by fragile piano sounds. You are directly into the album. The song is somewhat melancholy and you directly hear that this album connects with Your Wilderness. In Try As I Might Bruce sometimes sounds a bit like Steven Wilson, what is all right to me. This is a good rocking song that stands as a house, tight rhythm section and a beautiful guitar solo at the end. The title Threatening War is chosen perfectly because of the continued threatening in the music, there is space for details and Gavin takes the main role with his fantastic drum style. Uncovering Your Tracks has, again, threatening keys and drums, you are focused on that which has to come. Now and then I hear some Pink Floyd, the guitar solo sounds reminiscent. In All That You've Got you will hear some weird guitar solo that is original. Also Far Below has something to prove. Halfway thru the song you can hear a duel between keys, drums and guitar, lovely. Pillar Of Salt is a short intermezzo to the longest track of the album, White Mist, that clocks above the ten minutes and can be caught at the top of the album. It is The Pineapple Thief with variety, emotions, rock, beautiful breaks and a nice guitar solo. You can also hear a nice guitar solo of guest musician David Torn towards the end, original and it fits perfectly. Closing track Shed A Light is a song that starts sensitively and changes slowly into a powerful rhythm section with lovely melody lines with now and then points of rest. In the end it fades away, and that is all right.

All songs have something special and with all songs I got the feeling that they could last a bit longer.

If I compare the two latest albums with each other and look where I can find the progression, I have to tell you I do not hear progression but the albums are in line with each other. On the first side I do miss that, on the other side you have nine new, special songs where you can listen to for a while. Great album!

**** Michel Stolk (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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