Theo Travis' Double Talk -

(CD 2015, 54:38, Esoteric Antenna EANTCD 1052)

The tracks:
  1- Fire Mountain(6:05)
  2- Trangression(12:25)
  3- Smokin' At Klooks(4:18)
  4- Song For Samuel(5:32)
  5- Everything I Feared(5:35)
  6- Maryan(7:46)
  7- A Place In The Queue(9:59)
  8- The Call(2:54)

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TheoTravis is a well-known jazz musician with a long line of musical background and I think with a bright future ahead. He excels in his genre and puts up quite a high quality standard as a wind musician, playing mainly saxophone and flute. I've seen him live at a few Steven Wilson (who also mixed and mastered this album) shows and he will be performing on the upcoming David Gilmour shows too. Naming those 2 legendary artists is enough to say something about his earnings. Not mentioning his outstanding collaboration with Robert Fripp (and the list goes on...).

This new album of him and his band is mostly (a bit 70's style influenced) jazz. And I would not file it under progressive rock, which is the essence of this magazine. But since he's playing with all those progressive rock musicians it won't be left out there. As I mentioned above, it's jazz. High quality jazz.

It's quite hard for me to write a detailed review because I'm not into jazz. I can't really compare it to other jazz artists/bands to give you as a reader an insight of what you can expect of this record. I'm truly excited about the quality of the music though. All the arrangements of this instrumental album are very spun out and well put together. From a progressive rock point of view I over all can hear some influences from Van der Graaf Generator and for the quieter parts with more flute in it like Camel. I won't give you a detailed analysis of every track because I don't think that is necessary. Without a doubt it'll be a no brainer for every jazz enthusiast.

***** Erik van Os (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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