Tiberius -
A Peaceful Annihilation

(CD 2020, 53:41, Independent Release)

The tracks:
  1- The New Subjugation(05:03)
  2- Mechanical Messiah(04:21)
  3- Skylark(06:13)
  4- Fidelity Lost(04:30)
  5- Anchor(04:00)
  6- Leviathan(05:53)
  7- Dissipate(05:15)
  8- Republican(05:07)
  9- Swansong(05:38)
10- Kaituma(07:37)

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Sometimes you are so lucky to find one of those brilliant releases among the albums you are requested to write a review. A Peaceful Annihilation is one of those rare recordings that instantly grab you and don't let go. The Edinburgh based band Tiberius released an EP a few years ago. But the release of the 2020 full album, A Peaceful Annihilation will rocket them far up the ladder of the progressive metal scene.

In a way, it was the album's opener; The New Subjugation that was enough to convince me of having found something very special. Grant Barclay's brilliant vocal parts combine Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson with Alter Bridge vocalist Miles Kennedy. Musically, elements of melodic technical metal are exchanged with more mellowed intriguing parts. Take the furious groove by guitarists Chris Foster and Jahan Tabrizi during Mechanical Messiah or the Tesseract meets Persefone jumpy parts in Skylark and you will agree. This is something special. Both drummer Nick Kelly and bass player Ryan Anderson are at the base of each track, ensuring the very solid, technical foundation is ready for the increasing power from above. Check them out during the furious powerhouse, Leviathan. Each composition is top notch, but it is the combination of amazing riffs, a solid rhythm section and a brilliant vocalist that brings it all together. Resulting in one of the most interesting debut albums of this year. A powerhouse like Dissipate nicely contrasts with the final composition on the album; Kaituma. The latter turns out the be one of these perfect progressive metal epics. Gently builds towards a furious end with vocals resembling a young Bruce Dickinson, but taking it one step further.

A Peaceful Annihilation came as a very nice, unexpected surprise. A debut album that will immediately take them to the higher ranks of the progressive metal scene. Wonderful musicians, great compositions and a brilliant vocalist!

****+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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