Tilt - Million Dollar Wound

(CD 2009, 30.02, Independent)

The tracks:
  1- No Superman4:30
  2- Long Gone5:43
  3- Gravity 5:00
  4- Answers7:34
  5- Adore7:13

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Tilt is a new project of some members of Fish’s backing band. Bass player Steve Vantsis, drummer Dave Stewart, guitarist Robin Boult and keyboardist Irvin Duguid are the main contributors. On the five tracks of this mini-album, they asked four guest vocalists to join them: Paul Dourley, Kaela Rowan, Holly Tomás and Lorna Bannon. Steve Vantsis produced the album; he also did the 13 th Star album of Fish.

The first track No Superman rocks from the beginning and is dominated by the heavy guitar sound of Robin Boult. Both the guitar riffs and the nice chorus make it a good opening song. The second track Long Gone, featuring singer Kaela Rowan, starts acoustic, but in the middle section, you can enjoy several nice guitar and synthesizer solos. It reminds me of an average Mostly Autumn-track sung by Heather Findlay. Main vocalist on the acoustic track Gravity is Holly Tomás, backed up by Kaela Rowan. The melodic guitar solo at the end ensures this song to be very emotional with a rich and warm atmosphere. In the beginning of the longest track Answers you can again enjoy the heavy riffs and the impressive voice of Paul singing a desperate love song. There is a break after four minutes with a short guitar solo in the middle-section of the song. Unfortunately, the ending is rather dull; it didn’t provide me any thrill at all. The final track Adore starts as a slow Mostly Autumn-song, but without their distinctive quality mainly caused by a chaotic ending.

This mini-album certainly has its moments especially in Long Gone and Gravity, but those are not enough to convince me.  

**+  Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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