Tin Spirits - Scorch

(CD 2014, 55:41, Esoteric Recordings EANTCD1035)

The tracks:
  1- Carnivore(4:41)
  2- Summer Now(6:08)
  3- Old Hands(7:13)
  4- Binary Man(5:20)
  5- Little Eyes(8:26)
  6- Wrapped And Tied(5:20)
  7- She Moves Among Us(3:17)
  8- Garden State(15:08)

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Scorch is the title of the second album by the British quartet Tin Spirits after Wired To Earth (2012). Thin Spirits were founded in 2008 by guitarist Daniel Steinhardt; the other band members are Dave Gregory (ex-XTC, guitar), Mark Kilminster (bass, vocals) and Doug Mussard (drums).

Scorch opens with the instrumental piece Carnivore which contains great hooks, riffs and addictive guitar melodies. The follow-up Summer Now is even better as it is filled with very melodic guitar lines and excellent vocals. Old Hands is a rather well-performed song either, but then it seems as if the inspiration to compose good songs has run dry since the remainder of the album is rather mediocre. Listen for instance to the fairly simple tracks Binary Man and Wrapped And Tied; these are songs you don't want to hear that often! The musical style of Scorch is a pretty weird blend of progressive retro rock and neo-prog as I hear influences from Big Big Train, Neal Morse, Echolyn and even King Crimson.

Scorch is not a bad album, but you'll have to find out for yourselves whether you like this kind of music without keyboards or not. However, the compositions and the arrangements could and should have been better; so I'm curious to find out how the next album of Tin Spirits will sound like.

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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