Tonochrome -
A Map In Fragments

(CD 2018, 41:30, Bad Elephant Music)

The tracks:
  1- The Ridge(4:10)
  2- Interlude 1(1:26)
  3- Border Crossings(5:28)
  4- Interlude 2(0:31)
  5- Tighter(3:54)
  6- Disputed Area(5:03)
  7- Interlude 3(1:07)
  8- Kilometre Zero(2:02)
  9- Just Like Us(3:37)
10- Humbled & Broken(5:39)
11- The Gates(3:58)
12- Missing Piece(4:35)

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Tonochrome is a band that comes from the UK and consists of Andres Razzini (vocals, guitars, percussion), Steve Holmes (keyboards, programming, voice), Charlie Cawood (guitars and also known as the guitar player from Knifeworld), Jack Painting (drums) and Andres Castellanos (bass). The band was founded by Andres Razzini in 2011. Now it is time to show the world their debut album.

If you ask me what kind of style this band plays, I have to scratch my head, because if I am honest this music can't be put in one single box. The band itself says they play artrock, and I can agree with that pronouncement. Here is a selection of the songs as they appear to me.

The first seven songs run into each other and cover half of the album. The duration of the album is only 41.30 minutes, not really long. The album opens with The Ridge, keyboard sounds come to mind and Andres starts singing. He has a bit of a dry, challenging voice. In the first song we hear French horn, violin and brass instruments and in which the good rhythm section stand out. Interlude 2 is a short song that has a lovely melodic extravaganza with some threatening guitar parts. Disputed Area is all about the emotional singing of Andres and it has a somewhat jazzy drum rhythm that has the spotlights in this song, even as the guitar parts at the end of the song. Just Like Us opens with drums and a guitar a la Spock's Beard, again that lovely rhythm section and singing. What you hear is a potpourri of music instruments, artrock as artrock needs to be played. In the end you hear guitar playing in the style of Allan Morse of Spock's Beard again. For me a highlight of the album. Also in Humbled & Broken, the longest track of the record, a lot happens and it is also a potpourri of styles and instruments. The Gates is simply a beautiful song with a great singer that sings his beautiful lyrics, you can feel it enters your heart. The closing track Missing Piece does not fit for me because of the drums that are mixed too loud.

All-in all the album consists a lot of styles, typical artrock I shall say... It is not really my cup of tea, to be honest, but the music on the album surely is alright. Go and listen and judge yourself, it is worth a listen!

***+ Michel Stolk (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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