Transatlantic -

(3CD 2014, 53:00/ 65:92/ 61:59, Inside Out Music)

The tracks:
CD1: Live In Tilburg
  1- Into The Blue(27:49)
  2- My New World(18:28)
  3- Shine(07:23)
CD2: Live In Tilburg
  1- The Whirlwind Medley(30:12)
  2- Beyond The Sun(04:50)
  3- Kaleidoscope(31:30)
CD3: Live In Tilburg
  1- Neal & Roine Duet(04:34)
  2- We All Need Some Light(06:05)
  3- Black As The Sky(07:22)
  4- Nights In White Satin(08:09)
  5- Sylvia(04:46)
  6- Hocus Pocus(07:09)
  7- Medley: All Of The Above / Stranger In Your Soul(24:34)

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Transatlantic have long held with tradition that after they record an album they take it out on tour and record and release a live album. This time around is no exception. This release is the concert DVD/ Blu-ray and a 3CD set of the audio. However it turns out that the DVD concert footage was recorded in Cologne and the audio CDs were recorded at Tilburg. So what you are buying here are two different concerts. I have been sent the audio CDs for review so I can't comment on the DVDs.

If you are a Transatlantic fan you will no doubt already have Kaleidoscope (2014, see review) in your collection and wondering whether another live concert is worth purchasing. The answer to that question is a resounding YES!!! I won't run through all the songs because I assume you know them already. So what other reasons are there for acquiring this collection. Well for starters the sound is immaculate. The bass guitar of Pete Trewavas has never sounded better and gives such depth and power to the sound. The energy created by the band spills out of your speakers and into your room. Its as if you were there. The on-stage banter is fun (usually drummer Mike Portnoy) and the musicianship is just spectacular. They play all of the new album, plus favourites from the past. The Whirlwind Medley is better here than on the last live album in my opinion. The encores are always interesting and we get two tracks from the Kaleidoscope covers disc which are Nights In White Satin (The Moody Blues cover) and Sylvia (Focus cover). Mike tries to convince the audience that it is the Dutch National Anthem but then invites Prog Royalty onto the stage in Mr. Thijs Van Leer. After Sylvia they go straight into a roaring version of Hocus Pocus. Another Transatlantic medley brings the show to a close.

The four members of Transatlantic were joined by Ted Leonard of Enchant and Spock's Beard to enhance the vocal harmonies and add texture to the sound. This is a great release. If you only buy one live album this year, make it this one.

***** Dave Smith

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