Trigon - 2011

(CD 2011, 67:26, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Peitscht Das Kamel
  2- Roter Mond
  3- Spacechick Strikes Back
  4- Tückischer Tonterror
  5- Wunder
  6- Tanzen
  7- Zensation
  8- Raff An Dörte
  9- Herz Der Sonne
10- Dekadenz Und Korruption
11- Fata Morgana
12- Trommeltraum
13- Kamasutra Debakel

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In the covering information of this album I found a nice quote: ' 2011 is the lazy Sunday afternoon drug of choice for the more-experienced stoner.' This should mean that Trigon limits itself to a relative small audience, so I think this statement doesn't do justice to this very talented trio from Germany. 2011 is a very interesting album that contains much more than the grooving stoner music referred to. Sure these guys know how to lay down a real cool groove, but the virtuoso guitar playing contains more like fusion, progressive rock and I even heard Jimi Hendrix-like sounds. As a true guitar freak, this kind of music really does it for me.

When the brothers Rainer (guitar) and Stefan Lange (bass) started Trigon, they repeatedly lost their singer what made them eventually decide to remain instrumental. Over the years they had the same problem with drummers. For several reasons they left or had to leave the band, but with Rudi Metzler they finally found the kind of drummer they always wanted to have and a steady line-up as well.

Already in the first seconds of the album's opener Peitscht Das Kamel you'll hear that Metzler fits as a glove to this kind of music. His adventurous drumming with hints of Terry Bozzio gets along with a more Mike Portnoy related style. Who could ask for more? Another song that illustrates his talent is Tückischer Tonterror. This is pure perfection, not only the drums, but all three musicians are just fantastic here. And what to think about Kamasutra Debakel ? It contains a perfect combination of drums and bass laying a sublime foundation for the doubled whaling guitar thus creating an intriguing sound. This applies to the majority of the album: Stefan Lange plays a sometimes distorted bass pattern and over that, his brother almost plays a kind of free improvisation. Rainer Lange has a tone that sometimes sounds a bit as Joe Satriani like in Tanzen, but he certainly gives the music a different twist. Spacechick Strikes Back is a good example in which he combines the Satriani-sound with a fusion-like structure. Zensation shows how Trigon handles a slow groove over which Rainer Lange plays his guitar; just goosebumps!

I can't find any point of criticism about this album; the groove caught me from the beginning and it hasn't let me down yet. This is much more adventurous than a typical guitar shredder album. Although most attention goes to the guitaristic escapades, Trigon truly plays as a real band where the bass and drums are equally important to the guitar. Another big plus is the fantastic job of Eroc - of Grobschnitt fame - who did the mixing and mastering of this masterpiece. For me this album feels the same as Triton's Boomerang, one of the best instrumental fusion albums I know. Somebody out there who listened to that one? There are only two things left me for to do: first, give this album a five-star rating and second, playing it over and over again...

***** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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