Unified Past - Observations

(CD 2011, 62:05, Melodic Revolutions Records MRR 11702)

The tracks:
  1- I'm Not Answering(5:46)
  2- Mr. Extravagant(3:48)
  3- Insulated(4:42)
  4- Crushed(5:17)
  5- Exploratory Observations(4:00)
  6- Painful Observations(5:34)
  7- The Move(4:00)
  8- Mesmerized(6:01)
  9- Faithless(8:30)
10- Remember When(7:47)
11- Here They Come(6:39)

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This CD gives me a distinct eighties feeling. It might be because of the electronic sounding drums, or maybe the distorted sounding vocals on some of the tracks, or it could be the guitar riffs as well. Or is it just plainly the compositions that remind me of people like Thomas Dolby or any of the other new wave bands that made up-tempo music? Well, I lived through the eighties and I remember that era as being not one of the best for prog music. Many symphonic bands decided in that period to shed their old wizard coat in order to put on a smart new business suit and started to carry a briefcase with electronic pads. Do you remember those days? Not too fondly, I think? So Observations by Unified Past gives me mixed feelings. In general I don't get overly excited with the music on this album as I'm missing memorable hooks, until the band decide to pull the Rush song Insulated on the listener. This is a pure and shameless rip-off, but boy it sounds so good! I think I will take the cowardly way out and advice the readers to try out Unified Past for themselves. Personally, I think I won't take this trip down memory lane too often.

** André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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