Until Rain - Season V

(2019, 48:13, Independent Digital Release)

The tracks:
  1- Inner Season
  2- Running
  3- Patti
  4- In Times Of Despair
  5- Qualia
  6- Miracle
  7- Restart
  8- Stay
  9- The Long Break
10- Ascending
11- A Land Of Nothingness
12- Time Escape

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Two years after the release of Inure (2017, see review) Until Rain returns with perhaps their most intense melodramatically album. Season V. Intensifying their music both ways; growls become darker, but more, the melodramatic elements have increased and make Season V a very special album. Since the previous album, Until Rain have remained a steady line-up with vocalist Cons Marg, guitar player Theodore Amaxopoulos, keyboard player and more Lef Germenlis, drummer Matthew Vella and long-time friend Linus Abrahamson as their bass player. Donna Zed is the fragile female voice of Until Rain.

After Inure, I guess Cons Marg really has settled. His signature intense vocals are the combining factor throughout the songs. Starting with the piano intro and delicate guitar of Inner Season, Cons immediately shows what an incredible vocalist he is. Subtly dubbed with Donna's voice the first points are scored. Running is a perfectly built composition, entering smooth vocals, fine keyboard parts and subtle guitar melodies exchanging with powerful riffs. The atmospheric, old school progressive rock part adds a nice touch to the track. One of the most intense compositions and my favourite Patti shows both harsh and brutal parts, as well as the perfect balance between the vocalists Cons, Donna and Lef. Taking a step back is In Times Of Despair; a smooth song, keyboard driven and highlighting the vocal capacities of Until Rain. Qualia (including some of the best soloing on the album), Restart and A Land Of Nothingness are samples of melodramatic compositions, played to perfection. Wonderful tracks that get under your skin. Miracle is based on one of Theodores amazing riffs. Mathew Vella's melodic drumming in combination with the guitar and oriental sounding keyboard parts make this another killer track. The Long Break features Until Rain's previous backing vocalist and present vocalist for The Agonist, Vicky Psarakis as lead vocalist, adding a special touch to the album. Ascending is a powerful track, with heavy guitars, brutal riffs and solid drumming, Cons has a darker sound as witnessed on previous songs, something he also masters. Dark, alternative and beautiful, that is the final composition on Season V. Time Escape sees the second set of growls that are combined with sweet emotion. Dense, dark and threatening, that is how this wonderful album ends.

Season V is the sound of a band that feels comfortable with each other; all compositions are well thought through and played to perfection. A bit of a shame, the album is only released as a digital download. I would be the first one to buy the CD of this intense beauty!

***** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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