Uriah Heep -
Your Turn To Remember, The Definitive Anthology 1970-1990

(2CD 2016, 72:10/ 77:55, BMG)

The tracks:
CD 1:
  1- Gypsy(6:38)
  2- Come Away Melinda(3:47)
  3- Bird Of Prey(4:12)
  4- Lady In Black(4:42)
  5- Look At Yourself(5:08)
  6- July Morning (single edit)(3:15)
  7- Easy Livin'(2:36)
  8- The Wizard(14:09)
  9- Sunrise(4:04)
10- Sweet Lorraine(4:14)
11- Stealin'(4:09)
12- Sweet Freedom(6:37)
13- The Shadows And The Wind(4:21)
14- Suicidal Man(3:38)
15- Return To Fantasy(5:31)
16- Devil's Daughter(4:49)
CD 2 :
  1- Weep In Silence(5:06)
  2- Can't Keep A Good Band Down(3:38)
  3- Sympathy(4:49)
  4- Firefly(6:16)
  5- Free 'N Easy(3:02)
  6- Free Me(3:35)
  7- Woman Of The Night(4:05)
  8- Come Back To Me(4:04)
  9- It Ain't Easy(5:44)
10- No Return(5:58)
11- Too Scared To Run(3:49)
12- Chasing Shadows(4:42)
13- Straight Through The Heart(3:29)
14- The Other Side Of Midnight(3:55)
15- Rockarama(4:30)
16- Poor Little Rich Girl(6:30)
17- Voice On My TV(4:33)

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This 2 CD anthology features 33 Uriah Heep songs starting in 1970 and ending in 1989. The 33 songs are taken from the albums: Very 'Eavy, Very 'Umble (1970), Salisbury (1971), Look At Yourself (1971), Demons And Wizards (1972), The Magican's Birthday (1972), Sweet Freedom (1973), Wonderworld (1974), Return To Fantasy (1975), High And Mighty (1976), Firefly (1977), Innocent Victim (1977), Fallen Angel (1978), Conquest (1980), Abominog (1982), Head First (1983), Equator (1985) and Raging Silence (1989). On the 33 tracks you can hear five different singers; David Byron (the best Heep vocalist ever), John Lawton, John Sloman, Peter Goalby and last but not least the current Uriah Heep singer Bernie Shaw. I still believe that the first five Uriah Heep albums (with Byron as a singer) are the best they ever made, although Return To Fantasy is an excellent album as well. My favourite tracks are: Gypsy, Look At Yourself, The Wizard, July Morning (although I prefer the longer version of course), Sunrise, Sweet Lorraine and Return To Fantasy. From the songs with other singers than Byron I like No Return, Poor Little Rich Girl and Voice On My TV. A very decent collection of classic Heep songs with many highlights from their most creative fertile rock era, but I still “hate” their ultimate boring rock ballad Lady In Black.

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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