Various Artists -
Shrunken Head Music

(2013, 7-inch vinyl, 25:49, Fruits de Mer Custacean 43)

The tracks:
1- To Another Universe - Frobischer Neck (original Brainticket)
2- Rubycon, part1 - Black Tempest (original Tangerine Dream)
3- J'Ai Mal Au Dents - Vespero (original Faust)
4- The Glorious Om Riff - Jay Tausig (original Gong)

Fruits De Mer Records

About two years ago the British record label with the French name Fruits de Mer Records, released a double LP called Head Music. On this LP a lot of new and relatively unknown bands covered tracks from bands of the krautrock and space rock scene in the seventies. The successor of this compilation is Shrunken Head Music, a double 7-inch vinyl single which is only available in vinyl and not in any digital format.

Frobischer Neck, the moniker of Tony Swettenham, covers To Another Universe, a track from Celestial Ocean (1974), the third album by the Swiss krautrock band Brainticket. This version has been entirely recorded with a Mellotron. Black Tempest is the artist's name of Stephen Bradbury, who recorded a condensed version of Rubycon, part 1 by the German electronic music pioneers of Tangerine Dream. The original track covers the A side of the LP Rubycon (1975). This version lasts less than six minutes, while the original has a playing time over seventeen minutes and therefore it lacks the cosmic feel of the original. The Russian band Vespero recorded a version of J'Ai Mal Aux Dents originally from the album The Faust Tapes (1973) by the German krautrock band Faust . Vespero's version sounds more like space rock. Finally, Jay Tausig covered The Glorious OM Riff originally recorded by the French band Gong. It's better known as Master Builder from the album You (1974).

These four original pieces are totally different and this also applies to the cover versions. Jay Tausig stays closest to the original. The version by Frobischer Neck really adds something to the original by using only the Mellotron. The other two are interesting, but not essential. It's a good introduction to all the bands and artists involved.

*** Erik Gibbels (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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