Windom End -
Perspective Views

(CD 2020, 49:26, FREIA Music )

The tracks:
  1- The Dream(10:58)
  2- Starless Sky(8:07)
  3- Walk This Way(7:33)
  4- Within The Shadows(2:49)
  5- Revolution(9:24)
  6- Ghost Of The Past(10:23)

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Many years ago in 2007, the first seeds for Windom End were planted when bass player Pierre Stam and In Mourning guitarist Tomas Nyström, who basically are two multi-instrumentalists, met. When discussing who actually was the best guitar player back then, they both simultaneously agreed on Marillion's Steve Rothery. At that moment, a new, very tight friendship was born. After that the writing started, for what eventually would become their debut album; Perspective Views. Over the years, the duo entered vocalist Mikael Arvidsson and later, Moon Safari drummer Tobias Lundgren to the band's line-up. Additional, Erik Göransson added a number of keyboard parts to the album.

Musically Windom End does fit in the musical heritage of the Swedish progressive rock scene, like Beardfish and Moon Safari, but perhaps even more from the UK scene, with influences from IQ and Marillion. The six compositions fairly long, from seven to up to eleven minutes, except for Within The Shadows, which is an almost three minutes lasting acoustic track, which at first listen, structure wise and the overall feel,perhaps could remind you of the Kansas song; Dust In The Wind. What is left is over forty minutes of very high quality progressive rock with outspoken bass parts, marvellous drum parts, wonderful harmonics and very interesting guitar melodies. All accompanied by a lush layer of keyboards and topped by a tremendous vocalist. Although Mikael Arvidsson initially was a guitar player, I think his voice; which reminds me a bit of Hasse Froberg, frontman of The Flower Kings and his own Musical Companion Band, is the most perfect voice that the band could go for.

The five longer tracks are all nicely built and combine the strong vocal parts with many solo spots, but it's the adventurous combination of the mentioned vocals and the melodies, song structures and incredible craftsmanship, that makes this album such an impressive one. Although the songs are long, you never get bored, because of the constant shifting of musical spheres and moods with in each of the compositions.

Windom End came up with a very impressive debut album, an album that makes you want more and they immediately placed themselves in the higher regions of the (neo) progressive rock scene. Keyboard player Erik Göransson has quite an impact on the compositions, so I am curious if the band will offer him a steady position in Windom End's line-up.

****+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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