Wish - Stay Here My Friends

(CD 2019, 43:00, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Like A Yes(4:07)
  2- Deep Wish(8:49)
  3- Dancing With Myself(8:03)
  4- Scrambled Eggs(6:20)
  5- Church(9:02)
  6- Stay Here My Friends(6:39)

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Band info. “The first core of Italian formation Wish comes from a lucky meeting in September 1992. The group focuses on an idea of ​​concept album, writing songs material, in English. The style is a bit hybrid, hard to classify, but closer to the standards of the classic rock songs. Since 1997 the line-up starts shaping: Mauro Biondo on drums, Piergiorgio Franceschelli on vocals, Salvatore Patti on keyboards, Fabio Romagnoli on bass and Giorgio Simonetti on guitars. The group is increasingly oriented towards the prog, but with a clearly recognizable and original style that is in the wake of modern progressive rock. The years pass, families claim space, work absorbs time so rhythms slow down and projects for creating albums do not materialize. It is for personal reasons that Mauro has to leave the group during this period and is replaced by Massimo Mercurio. In the mid-2000s Wish takes the decision to create its own small studio and start seriously recording. However, Fabio suddenly leaves the group but Wish decide that it is time to carry out the project of an album. The work starts from an essential concept: friendship as a true bulwark to withstand the bumps of our daily life. The record then tells about the difficulties of each of us in our emotional and religious choices, in recognizing our identity and our role in the world, but also about the main resource to resist life's adversities, a bond called friendship. The whole project Stay Here My Friends, from photography, to video, to graphic design, revolves around the contrasts that each of us humanly lives.”

Two of the six tracks are instrumentals. Like A Yes features flowing shifting moods with an omnipresent, very pleasant Hammond organ, alongside moving electric guitar work, soft synthesizer flights, this is a nice Classic Prog sound. And the dynamic Scrambled Eggs range from dreamy with wonderful string ensemble to bombastic and a catchy beat, embellished with Fender electric piano and Hammond organ.

Now the other four songs, also melodic and harmonic Classic prog inspired, with tasteful work on keyboards, from tender piano and soaring string ensemble to synthesizer flights, Fender electric piano and a churchy Hammond, and also fine contributions on guitar, from sensitive runs to powerful riffs. But I am not pleased with the English vocals, these sound too mediocre, especially in contrast with the good music. I can understand that this Italian band has chosen for the English language for the understanding of the lyrics of the concept. But as a huge fan of the Italian prog with native vocals since the late Seventies I hope that Wish will return to the wonderful Italian language, I am sure this will be a boost to the sound of Wish.

**+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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