Yesterdays - Holdfénykert

(CD 2006, 54:29, Rock Szerviz rsz-001/ 2008,54:29, Musea FGBG 4748.AR)

The tracks:
1- Napfenykert(01:58)
2- Vegtelen(04:36)
3- Ne Felj(05:50)
4- Ha Majd Egyszer(03:10)
5- It's so Divine(04:49)
6- Hol Vagy-(08:02)
7- Varj Meg(05:33)
8- Holdfenykert(02:15)
9- Seven 1) Your Colours 2) My Words(11:48)
10- Valahol a Terben(06:23)

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Yesterdays - Holdfénykert

Several years ago we could enjoy a fine performance of Yesterdays at the Dutch ProgFarm festival. This band from Hungary and Roemania, which started as a Yes tribute band, played almost all material from their debut album Holdfénykert (Moonlit Garden). The eight musicians on this album created a musical style which could be described as a mix between the already mentioned Yes and Quidam. Not the Quidam as we know them today, but the previous line-up which featured two females. Unfortunately the band doesn't reach the same high level as Quidam did on their debut album. But that's not needed. The album is still a great album to enjoy. We just have to give the musicians a bit more time to grow. That the band has a lot of talent is certainly true. Female singer Kinga Jánosi has a fine voice. She has no problem to sing in English language. Also the flutes played by Emese Kis Kozma show that the band has a classical background. The most talented musician however is without any doubt Ákos Bogáti-Bokor. Most of all the parts played on his acoustic guitar are very strong. If somebody told you that he was Steve Howe, you would have believed it. He also played several parts on the electric guitar, steel guitar, guitar synth and bass guitar. Even keyboards are mentioned on the credits. But the main parts are probably played by Zsolt Enyedi. He was responsible for some fine playing on the Mellotron, Hammond, Rhodes, Moog and piano. The album has ten tracks and without any doubt is the longest of them the strongest piece. Seven is divided in two parts and has a lot of great Yes influences. If the band tries to move more into the musical style of this track we can expect more great stuff from them in the future. But one thing is certain: the musicians can be proud of their first product. Bravo!
Musea Records re-released the album in August 2008. The music has been remastered and sounds much better then the Hungarian edition. It has a booklet that includes pictures from all the musicians involved. This time they also translated all the lyrics and song titles into the English language. And something about the bonuses... just put the CD into a PC and you'll get the bonus material: their first video, photos and some interesting links.

***+ Henri Strik

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