Hidden Lapse - Redemption

(CD 2017, 38:22, Rockshots Records RS CD 014)

The tracks:
  1- Prologue: Dead Woman Walking
  2- Silent Sacrifice
  3- Interlude: The Right To Remain Silent
  4- Drop
  5- Lucid Nightmare
  6- Pure
  7- Redemption
  8- Interlude: The Last Meal
  9- Compassion
10- Awareness
11- Epilogue: Mercy Upon Your Soul

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Italian symphonic/progressive metal band Hidden Lapse started in 2011 as the trio they are now; guitarist Marco Ricco, vocalist Alessia Marchigiani and bass player Romina Pantanetti. Now six years later their debut album sees the light under the name Redemption.

Listening to the album, I wonder what the bands has been up to in the past years. The compositions are no more than mediocre and the lack of an actual drummer definitely doesn't do justice to these compositions. The overall sound is no more than annoying, just alone for this drum sound. I guess the major part is programmed, but when done right, I don't mind, but the sound chosen is quite horrible. What does stand out is the guitar sound. Marco plays a mean guitar and his sound definitely is spot on and the combination with the lush keyboard parts is pretty much OK. During a number of songs, Romina's bass adds a nice rumble to the overall sound. I kind a cherish these moments, when just guitar, bass and keyboards can be heard on Redemption. To be fair, the vocal abilities of Alessia are a bit doubtful as well. Sometimes they sound quite fine, but other times the voice is touching the edges of acceptability. And even go beyond. Especially noticeable when guest vocalist Valerio Gaoni's parts in Drop are compared to Hidden Lapse's lead vocalists, the difference is remarkable.

In the lines notes of the accompanying booklet, Marco thanks the haters. I am not a hater, for I totally respect musicians for their effort to create and share their passion with us listeners. But I am afraid Redemption will not get any more spins at my place, for there are a lot much better releases in the female fronted genre nowadays. Too many bands are fighting for that little piece of cake, trying to make them stand out, in this now overcrowded genre. Too bad Hidden Lapse is one of them.

**+Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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