iNFiNiEN -
Light At The Endless Tunnel

(CD 2017, 61:46, Independent)

The tracks:
  1- Brand New(5:48)
  2- AYA(6:47)
  3- Oasis(3:01)
  4- Off The Tracks(7:41)
  5- Bottom Of The Food Chain(5:57)
  6- Light At The Endless Tunnel(9:17)
  7- Love For Yourself(6:11)
  8- Worth The Wait(2:48)
  9- If I Were A Song(1:39)
10- If You Were A Song(7:50)
11- Existence(4:47)

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On a lot of web sites, iNFiNiEN would be classified as eclectic, but surprisingly on some of the largest progressive rock web sites, including ProgArchives, the band is not listed at all. This may seem weird, given the interesting mix of styles and genres they create, on the other hand, rock is probably the most absent among those.

Listening to this album, titled Light At The Endless Tunnel and their third since 2006, takes the listener through a world of jazz (Brand New, Love Yourself), classical music, a bit of rock and ethnic musical influences (AYA, Light At The Endless Tunnel) from all over the world. The musicians, with a central role for singer Chrissie Loftus and bass player Jordan Berger, put down an appealing mix of styles in an album that borders on jazz and jazz rock, and I love it. The only reasons I put it away after a few spins are either the urge to hear something less complicated and give my head a rest, or because I heard enough of Chrissies voice. She's very good at what she does, but she is also very present.
As a bonus, the band works with their own chamber orchestra to fill in the many classical influences.

Definitely an album for those who seek to hear something varied and complex. Complexity already indicated by the album title. Who's afraid to admit at first they though it should be light at the end of the endless tunnel? Read and think again...

**** Angelo Hulshout (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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